DI is the most experienced PR agency in the Channel Islands, with roots going back to the early 1980’s, when the communications industry locally was still in its infancy. The current incarnation of DI was set up by James and Kathryn Filleul in 2002, on leaving the BBC.

Originally, the idea was to provide a brilliant media relations service for clients, to help them work much more effectively with the news media, something which was sadly lacking at the time.

We have grown from there into a comprehensive communications consultancy with clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Our work spans public affairs, media buying, strategy, social media support, sponsorship management, copy writing, training, press office, speech writing … if it involves communication then we will have done it, advised on it or be learning it!

The whole point of DI is to provide a brilliant service for our clients. We look after them, and they stay – our biggest clients have recently clocked up more than a decade of working with us. In an intensively competitive, and ever-changing, sector, that’s something to be really proud of.

We do that by always being available, by being excellent at what we do, by always looking to improve, by understanding that its really only ever about the client.

We don’t shout about what we do, because that’s not the way we are. And what more do you need than more than 35 years’ success in the industry, and clients who really value your support?

  • Staff profile

    Laura Morel


    Area of Expertise

    With a degree in English Literature Laura started her working life as a fashion journalist in London, before returning to Jersey and, like most, falling into finance. A writer at heart, Laura balanced her client work with the marketing responsibilities of her firms writing website copy, brochures and fact sheets and targeted newsletters with industry news. Her financial editorials have featured in Jersey Finance publications, Business Brief and STEP Journal. Laura launched her own lifestyle blog in 2016 writing about fashion, sport, career and all things Jersey and in a freelance capacity has worked for Gallery, De Gruchys and Manners magazines. When she’s not writing, Laura is a self-confessed sports addict enjoying running, yoga and punching people (as a boxer at Jersey Leonis)!

    Before DI

    Laura has enjoyed a long and successful career in finance before her move to PR. Over a period of 14 years she has held senior roles in Trust, Corporate Services and Funds making her an extremely rounded private client and wealth management specialist. Named as one of the Top 35 under 35 Private Client Practitioners in 2014 & 2015 Laura has amassed a wealth of contacts in the local finance industry and editorially in the UK. Having worked for small independent firms and larger international businesses, Laura has first-hand experience of the challenges facing the finance industry and Jersey’s place on a global platform. The highlight of her career has been attending the Cannes Film Festival where she got to indulge her love of fashion, film and celebrity spotting.

    Favourite quote

    “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

    Bugs Bunny

    Favourite cocktail

    Mai Tai after honeymooning in Maui where it was a local staple. After copious amounts of testing, nowhere is yet to make one to rival theirs!

  • Staff profile

    Helen Poingdestre


    Before DI

    Helen is an experienced administrator, with a strong background across the public and private sectors.

    Areas of Expertise

    Helen’s attention to detail and excellent organisational skills provide the perfect platform for Direct Input to deliver the high standards of service which our clients rightly expect.

    Favourite Quote

    “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” Mother Teresa

    Favourite Cocktail

    I almost pickled my liver years ago on a holiday whilst drinking cocktails so now I prefer to avoid them. I would much prefer a cold Peroni on a hot summer afternoon.

  • Staff profile

    James Filleul


    Area of Expertise?

    James is DI’s founder and MD, over the last twenty-one years in the media business, he has built a very broad range of skills, and helped clients with both daily PR issues and fundamental strategic problems.

    In terms of PR work, James usually focusses on communications strategy and challenging media issues. His principal work ranges from public affairs to media relations, copy writing and the effective use of social media.

    As the MD he is responsible for the smooth running of the agency. He oversees DI’s client service, business development and administration.

    As a former President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, James is the firm’s media and presentation skills trainer, and he is used to giving both soft and challenging media interviews, as well as speaking to audiences of several hundred people.

    Before DI?

    James was the news editor for the BBC in Jersey. Following a degree in English Literature, he obtained his professional journalism qualifications, before becoming a news trainee with the BBC. Within two years he was promoted to Senior Broadcast Journalist (one of the youngest in the BBC) and was in charge of the radio news output in Jersey.

    At the BBC he was also the local political correspondent, commentating on meetings of the States Assembly, producing political analysis, and hosting a weekly political interview program. He later moved into producing and presenting for BBC TV in the Channel Islands.

    Outside of Direct Input, James has broad business experience as one of the founder non-executive directors on the Board of Jersey Business Ltd, as well as acting as co-owner/Communications Director for a virtual airline offering a network of routes out of the Isle of Man. He is the joint founder and Editor of Bailiwick Publishing, which produces a daily digital newspaper for Jersey, Bailiwick Express, and the monthly business magazine, Connect.

    Favourite quote?

    If I had to chose one, it would be something from Bob Dylan, who is probably one of the few writers with a line for anything. I think you always have to move forward – learning new skills, and working out a different way of approaching something – I hate stagnating. So I’d go for “He not busy being born is busy dying.”

    Favourite cocktail?

    Easy. I’m not sure it’s really a cocktail, but I’m usually found enjoying a vodka & tonic. Grey Goose vodka, quality tonic, three big ice cubes, a slice of lemon, and one of lime. Not bad in a tall glass!

  • Staff profile

    Leanne Reed


    Area of Expertise 

    Of a generation who grew up alongside the evolution of social media, Leanne offers a contemporary take on how these platforms can be used to their full potential, helping our client’s message reach the correct target audience. Leanne also has a working knowledge of design and video editing software such as Final Cut Pro. 

    Before DI

    For as long as she can remember, the times where Leanne felt most fulfilled were when she was utilising her creative flare. From years of dedicated dance training, to studing TV and Film Set Design at University and trying her hand at life modelling, Leanne enjoys exploring a range of creative avenues. On completing her degree at the University of South Wales, Leanne decided to reflect on her academic strengths and reach out to innovative companies on Jersey. Shortly after graduating, Leanne joined the team at Direct Input for a summer internship, where she learned the ropes of the PR and communications industry and re-affirmed her writing ability. Keeping the arts as hobbies for the time being, Leanne is looking to transfer her skills to this dynamic industry. 

    Favourite quote

    “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” – Regina Brett 

    Favourite cocktail 

    After years of claiming that I don’t like cocktails, my taste buds were finally convinced by a ‘Ce Soir’ from none other than Jersey’s boutique cocktail bar, Ce Soir. It’s delicious!

  • Staff profile

    Anna Thorne


    Area of Expertise

    Anna has worked in public relations in both the public and private sector and has a background in journalism. These career choices have provided wide experience of the communications industry from media liaison and delivering complex messages to a sound knowledge of Jersey and its many quirks. Anna is an experienced writer and can communicate effectively across all mediums.

    Before DI

    Anna was born in Jersey and went to Hautlieu School. She had a spell in the finance industry before heading to Buckingham University to study English literature and modern history. On returning to Jersey, Anna headed to the Jersey Evening Post as an editorial assistant and working her way up through the ranks as a news reporter, sub-editor and columnist and finally features editor. After 12 years in journalism Anna moved on to private PR consultancy before joining the States of Jersey’s Communications Unit.

    Favourite quote

    ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.’ J.K. Rowling (and by extension Professor Albus Dumbledore)

    Favourite cocktail

    Anything with dark rum and a few bits of fruit will do the trick.