Post Date: 2017-06-14

The Challenge

Help raise the profile of Logicalis in Jersey and Guernsey, communicating messages about its services, and the need for them, to businesses in both Islands.

The Solution

A long term media campaign linking Logicalis to key issues, such as cyber security, and data security ahead of GDPR, explaining and educating the community, and showcasing the expertise of Logicalis consultants as suppliers of solutions. In addition, we leveraged Logicalis’s new appointments and CSR projects to develop coverage in other areas, and give people who might consider working for the company a better idea of what it is like.

The Result

We generated a large amount of coverage of Logicalis in print media and online media, and through interviews on radio and TV across Jersey and Guernsey, helping put them front of mind with potential clients. We backed this up with editorials aligned to Logicalis’s services and products, which delivered key messages and cemented the position of Logicalis’s consultants as spokespeople on their subjects of expertise.

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