Author: Laura Morel

Post Date: 2017-07-11

Embossed. Psychedelic. Recycled. Chances are through the course of your business life you will have seen them all. Love them or hate them, business cards remain a necessity in the way we network and do business today. Despite technological advances and everything and everyone going on-line, the lowly business card appears to be sticking round for some time to come and has even been referred to as ‘the staple of business success!’ Here’s why we think the business card is king …

We’ve had a good go over the years at ditching the humble business card in its traditional form for something more modern and in keeping with our times. Cards bearing barcodes and QR codes were all the rage a few years back, enticing people to log on for their information. I’ve come across USB sticks being handed out in their place and for the design junkie think beer mats, fortune cookies…dare I say it, even condoms! Yet nothing it would appear can contend with simplistic personal details on a piece of card.  

Just why is it they’re so irreplaceable? With so much of our networking taking place online, the delivery of the business card requires a personal connection which makes a lasting impression. It is often the first line of marketing for yourself and your firm and one which encourages social interaction. Whereas online networking allows you to control and manage your persona, the ritual of business card swapping tests your inter-personal skills and face to face interaction.

Having a good business card is vital in some cultures and the handing out of cards can make or break deals before discussions have even begun. For these people, business cards show that you mean business, that you have thought about your brand and about the delivery of information. They make you look professional, trustworthy and dependable and that is the kind of person we all want to be doing business with.

One of the problems with electronic data is that as easy as it is to access it can also be easily disposed of. Business cards can also be thrown away, but how many of us can confess to having them floating around on our desks and in our drawers just in case you need them? Serving as a constant reminder and carrying out a subconscious form of marketing.

So what exactly makes your business card the winning ticket? Should you go simple or is it best to stand out from the crowd? Should the card have an added purpose or maybe bear your image? Let us know why you think your card is king! 

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