Author: Hannah Reed

Post Date: 2017-02-08

Each email you send is an opportunity to connect to your clients and showcase your business. Is it time we tailor our email sign-offs to highlight the uniqueness of our companies?

Personalising your business email does not mean dump every piece of information about your professional life in your email signature. For a start, it can be thinking about changing 'Kind Regards'. Does this signature actually work for you?

Is 'Cheers' more appropriate or, 'Best Wishes' or 'Enjoy the weekend' or 'Looking forward to your response' or 'Thank you for your speedy reply.'  You may express these sentiments in the bulk of your email and then leave your signature the same. But, if this is the case it makes your email signature redundant.  

Your signature is an opportunity to showcase your business and yourself professionally. Each email you send should be seen as a package. The signature at the bottom is not just there for decoration.

5 Top Tips

1) Important information (but don't overload your reader)

Essentially the model above is what you want to follow. But don't get carried away, don't include too many modes of contact, too much company jargon, or too many inspirational quotes and images. Stick to what is important.

2) On brand colours and font

Your signature should match your brand. Select your colour palette from your logo and make sure your font matches or compliments your logo too.

3) Logo

Include your logo, but don't make it too big. Your signature is not a sales pitch; it is a subtle reminder of your brand. It should remind the person you are emailing that they chose you to provide them with a service for a reason.

4) Show what you do best

Do you have a strong social media presence or a good blog – use the relevant social media icons to drive traffic to your pages. If you’re renowned for being an international company, then why not include the names of your jurisdictions. Your signature can subtly remind people why you are the best company to provide them with this service. And, it acts as a confidence booster for clients that they are dealing with a professional who knows what they are doing.

5) Change it up

In general, your signature will be at the bottom of your email acting as a reminder of what your company does, who you are and why you are good at what you do. But, sometimes it is worth changing it up.

For example, at Christmas, you could include a Christmas footer to your email. Or if your company are running an event for charity and as an individual you could be sponsored, or your customer could get involved then why not include the details in your email footer. Another idea is if your company has hit an important milestone then you could change your signature for the day with an email footer celebrating the occasion.

Emails are still professional forms of correspondence but they can be livened up from time to time to show the personality of your company. So if you are inspired to change up your email signature then why not use HubSpot's free email signature generator https://www.hubspot.com/email-... or one many of the other generators and see what you can create.

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