Post Date: 2017-06-14

The Challenge

On 28 November 2016, three of JT’s four submarine cables were cut by a ship dragging its anchor. This meant that all voice and data traffic was diverted to JT’s one remaining cable, meaning that customers could experience disruption. JT needed to communicate this clearly as well as reassure customers that it had a clear plan to, firstly, minimise any disruption and, secondly, to restore a full service.

The Solution

DI immediately drafted a statement, which was reported extensively. From the outset, JT’s communications were proactive and open. In the three-week period between the cables being cut and full restoration of service, JT constantly updated the public through regular updates, including radio interviews and joint statements with other operators involved. DI was fully integrated into JT’s Business Continuity Management meetings.

The Result

JT kept its stakeholders fully briefed, with DI responding to regular media enquiries. The repair operation was complex with many variables, including the weather, but the public were kept up to date in clear language communicated with honesty. After communications had been restored, JT was publically praised for its communications during the crisis.


"DI provides insightful, timely and effective advice and support which helps ensure we meet all our communications objectives. They are a great team to work with who always put their customers first, and our long relationship in an ever-changing business reflects the very high level of their customer service and quality of their PR management."

JT - Tamara O’Brien, Deputy MD JT Gsy and Head of Brand & Marketing

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